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Labor Lawyer in the UAE:

A labor lawyer in the UAE is one of the most sought-after lawyers in any legal advisory office, due to the permanent employment movement in the UAE and the reception of foreign workers from various countries. labor-lawyer-in-the-UAE and Employment is a continuous process that does not end in any country, its economic indicators are good, and therefore it is considered the measure of the economy of some countries if they suffer from unemployment or their private and governmental institutions are constantly hiring. The work contract consists of two parties, the worker and the employer, and he takes his position in the work environment, and both parties have rights and duties that must be adhered to and preserved. UAE law works to provide a healthy work environment, psychologically and physically, for employees and works to preserve their rights and the rights of the employer when facing difficult issues or labor disputes. A labor-lawyer-in-the-uae will have to keep abreast of all developments related to labor law and provide a good judgment in legal disputes, and this is what we are working on at Sar Law Firm.

Do you need a labor-lawyer-in-the-UAE?

If you are looking for the drafting of labor contracts, we provide legal drafting services for contracts of all kinds and in the presence of a labor lawyer in the UAE to work on documenting them and ensuring that both parties abide by the terms of the contracts. A labor lawyer in the UAE can be used for the following services:

Writing and legal drafting of labor contracts in different languages.

Investigation of complaints of labor issues and requires a specialized lawyer for labor disputes.
Representing the company in judicial pleadings before the prosecution and the court, and registering the filing of a lawsuit in labor disputes.

Writing the bylaws related to the affairs of workers and employees (bylaws).
Providing legal advice to human resources employees.

Representing the worker in courts and labor disputes if he was treated illegally by the employer.
There are many disputes and issues in the UAE labor law that relate to the employer, employee, or the institution as a whole, and you can contact us, where a group of the best lawyers in the UAE will inform you of the smallest details.


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UAE labor and workers law:

The UAE enacted the UAE Labor Law for the private sector to spread justice and equality among all parties. Our beloved country is considered one of the most developed countries in the labor and financial sectors, with the booming economy of most cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We can define the UAE Labor and Workers Law as a set of legal articles that regulate the relationship between the worker and the employer in terms of wages, incentives, holidays, place of residence, provision of transportation, and many more. Some laws are also imposed on the work environment itself. Failure to comply with these laws may expose you to penalties and fines.

Workers in all industries have the ability to change their employer sponsorship. The UAE has set up bank guarantees to ensure that cash is set aside for worker compensation. A Wage Protection System (WPS) ensures that temporary workers are paid correctly and on schedule. It would be against the law for employers to refuse to issue passports to their employees.

Whereas existing labor law requires employees to work eight hours per day, 48 hours per week, the New UAE Law allows employees to work over 40 hours a week on a condensed working hours model (given that their contracts allow it).

You must contact a labor-lawyer-in-the-UAE if you are being treated illegally and not given your financial rights to the fullest extent.