Ownership of real estate in the UAE and the role of no 1 real estate attorney

 A real estate attorney manages and reviews all the documents which are signed during any real estate property purchase. 

Real estate is one of the vital sectors in the United Arab Emirates due to its great role in raising the national economy and improving social relations. The United Arab Emirates has intensified efforts to organize real estate work in it and to determine the ownership of the real estate in the Emirates, and if any real estate disputes arise, the law offices specialized in real estate and everything related to it are the most appropriate place to go to solve any real estate problem that may occur when you work.

What is real estate in the UAE:

I think it is best to know that real estate means everything that is fixed in its place and that it cannot be moved without damage, for example, land, trees, or buildings set to the ground.

And there are types of real estate such as residential, commercial, investment, agricultural, or it may be oil, and there is a building such as a building, a company, a tower, a house, a house, a palace, a villa, or a commercial store, and each type has a property called real estate ownership in the Emirates and to register the property, or What we call real estate registration, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, in the capacity described as Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, Law No. 7 of 2006 AD,

The specialist in real estate registration in the emirate and this text of the real estate law gives the right to own and obtain ownership of the real estate in the UAE to all citizens of the United Arab Emirates and in addition to citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council and any company with full Gulf ownership and public shareholding companies as well.

It was given to the ruler’s Approval of areas designated for investment in which property owners in the United Arab Emirates are allowed for non-GCC nationals without any time limit. The real estate attorney, UAE has some guidelines, that need to follow while ending any purchase.

As for the rights to rent, they are for a period not exceeding ninety-nine years, and this law detailed the ownership system and how it is applied and included all departments of land and property in Dubai in particular, as it is a free zone and the most significant investment area in the United Arab Emirates.

Ownership of real estate in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai:

The Dubai Land Department was established in 1960 AD, and it is a department specialized in real estate ownership in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The necessary and great goal of this department is to achieve leadership in the global real estate market, and the following sectors have been allocated for this:

Real estate services and registration

I am managing and encouraging real estate investments.

This department provides tremendous institutional support through the real estate regulation, the rent dispute settlement center, and the Dubai Real Estate Institute. Integration of its services within the framework of one system,

For this, modern technical systems have been prepared that are compatible with the title deed system and international standards: this system documents and preserves real estate rights. There are sub-systems such as registration and initial registration and the escrow account and prove each property owner’s rights in the UAE United.

This department encourages and manages real estate investment, as we can consider it as the investment arm of the Department of Lands and Properties in the United Arab Emirates. It supports real estate investment companies, whether national or foreign, by encouraging direct investment and long-term investment.

We come to the regulatory pillar of the UAE Land and Property Department, which is the real estate regulation, so legislative frameworks have been developed that regulate the relationship between the contracting parties and the real estate exchange process. It monitors projects, whether financially or technically, to protect the interests of investors.

As for the legal pillar, or rather the legal arm of this department, the Land and Property Department in the United Arab Emirates, the Real Estate Dispute Resolution Center is this pillar and arm of this department. And easy,

And all this is for the sake of social and economic stability for all specialists in the real estate sector and everything that specializes in it. This system is quick to consider and resolve disputes, and judgment takes only sixty minutes, i.e. one hour, while there were many days to resolve the conflict in the past.

Procedures in drafting property ownership contracts in the United Arab Emirates:

The Dubai Land Department launches the real estate contracts that clarify the relationship between the seller and the buyer and at the same time between the broker and each of the parties to the relationship for the ownership of the real estate in the United Arab Emirates to protect the rights of the parties involved in the real estate transaction and works on Facilitate and move quickly in the buying and selling processes in the real estate market, in addition to making it easier to complete the real estate registration procedures quickly,

It works on preparing unified contracts that regulate the relationship between the seller, buyer, and broker and bring the appropriate benefit to all of them. It gets rid of part of the problems that may appear due to the lack of clarity of some procedures, and you find that the approved contracts have been provided on the private site And it works to provide three models for its clients, which are:

The standard contract is the contract between the seller and the buyer.

The contract between the seller and the broker

The contract between the buyer and the broker

And whoever can download the contracts from their website to be filled out with the specific data for each deal before they are signed by any of the parties involved in the agreement, and the ownership of the property in the United Arab Emirates is not done until the contracts are registered and documented at the Land Department.

In the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and for information, these measures drew the attention of international investors specializing in real estate and their eyes on Dubai in particular and the UAE in general.

Dubai, in particular, occupies the first place in the world in settling rent disputes, as it is a global judicial reference, and all this is in the Department of Lands and Properties, which specializes in real estate ownership in the United Arab Emirates.

Real estate lawsuit in the ownership of the real estate in the United Arab Emirates:

Before you think or decide to file a real estate lawsuit against any of the developers in Dubai, you must first inquire about the status of the project at the Dubai Land and Property Department, which is specialized in Dubai. Then you must contact the developer of the project and then interview the representative of the site itself. To obtain a review of the project’s reality and the estimated time to complete it, he has paid all the amounts to be paid to the developer until the date of filing the lawsuit.

And if, after that, it was decided entirely that any of the investors would file a real estate lawsuit with the Dubai Courts, there are three courts through which the real estate attorney lawsuit is likely to pass. As is customary in the United Arab Emirates, they are the Court of First Instance, the Courts of Appeal, and the Court of Cassation. In the matter of the Court of Cassation, there are It is considered the highest judicial institution. Any ruling issued by it is final and irrevocable, and no one can appeal against it or reverse its verdict.

The importance of real estate lawyers in the United Arab Emirates:


real estate attorney

Real estate lawyers who specialize in matters related to property excellently apply their legal skills in daily transactions down to disputes, and real estate lawyers are equipped to prepare and review documents related to real estate, such as purchase agreements,

mortgage and also title documents and documents and find It is often that real estate lawyers deal with the departments designated in the transfer of ownership and this means that an individual, company, or entity buys any piece of real estate from another person or entity.

In many cases, real estate lawyers provide legal guidance for property ownership in the United Arab Emirates, whether for individuals or entities, whether buying or selling the property. All of this is to ensure that the transfer is legal and binding and is in the interest of the client who has requested to represent him in the process of buying the property.

In the event of a real estate dispute, such as the sequence of ownership of the property, or problems arise regarding the lack of clarity of writing in the agreement or any other issue related to contracts,

Real Estate Attorney

The real estate lawyer works to solve the apparent problems, but amicably at the beginning. The lawyer may work on either side and provide legal representation to the parties in the court to the real estate lawyers, in which the facts are obtained from all the parties to the dispute.

The lawyer tries to reach a decision in which there is a guarantee of satisfaction for All parties. This may lead to the employment of a surveying engineer to redraw the disputed borders as an example.

And we find that companies always hire a real estate lawyer for real estate ownership in the UAE. The lawyer is essential, whether for them or individuals. It can be said that the lawyer stops or works to stop the mortgage or precautionary seizure procedures and works to defend his employee in the event of any mistake in any real estate transaction,

And it works to represent the individual as a tenant or owner of the property if property damage occurs and also in construction operations, land-use projects, or even when buying a house, all because of the ability of the real estate attorney to negotiate the contract and his ability to protect the rights of the individual or entity like a property owner.

You may say that a specialized real estate attorney is not essential, but think about the benefits you will get from hiring a lawyer to review contracts or any other documents to ensure that your rights are complete and protected.

Services provided by a real estate attorney in real estate ownership in the UAE:

It explains and clarifies all the legal conditions of the purchase or sale contract, the method of delivery, the timing, and the date on which the dispute over the ownership of the property took place. A real estate attorney is well-known to resolve any property-related issues. 

He clarifies the defects that may appear or appear and then recommends that steps be taken to treat them.

It evaluates covenants, concessions, facilities, or even other obligations that are registered in the property.

It prepares all the necessary documents for your home or property.

He works on explaining the terms of the mortgage and negotiating with the lender to change them as necessary and necessary.

He reviews the documents that have been agreed upon for signature 

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He assists and protects you as a buyer and works to ensure that you obtain the real estate agreement, not exaggerated penalties, and protects you from imposing rights called in-kind and rights called an easement.

Usually, real estate lawyers charge for the services they provide at the rate of one hour or according to the judicial session or the case as a whole. It is by imposing specific and fixed fees in exchange for the particular service, for example, assistance in property transfer procedures.

It is considered fraud in the event of multiple contracts, and a lawsuit can be quickly and easily filed if two contracts were obtained from the same owner and the sale took place under two different names.

Finally, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates or any citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council has the right to own real estate. The ownership of the property in the UAE allows him to do so, but this is not according to the conditions of identity, nationality, Approval, the scheme, and all the procedures that follow To transfer ownership from one person to another or purchase from freehold areas or investment areas, and all parties concerned with the request must attend the right of the property in the Emirates upon documentation.

And upon registration and receipt, if it is ready, i.e. direct purchase. If it is a planned purchase, it has all the guarantees, whether the payment is immediate or in installments or by mortgage and so on. But if the ownership is for an outside investor, then it has specific and known conditions, and the owner is only for the regions.

The specifics of freehold ownership in the UAE law and are the best features of real estate ownership, as it encouraged investment in the United Arab Emirates,

In conclusion, real estate ownership in the UAE is not complicated. Still, it is easy and easy, thanks to the Department of Lands, which was established by the state to facilitate property ownership. Do not make any real estate mistakes so that the costs and fees paid are appropriate for you.

If you owned the property with a mortgage or loan, the lawyer can simplify matters, facilitate the buying and selling process, and reduce the time and fees exposed to.