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SAR lawyers is Owned & Operated by DBS Group based in UAE and covers most of its states. our humble Beginnings were in 2008 when we had the oath to serve the people of our beloved country and apply justice. With that oath in mind, we were able to become one of the Most trusted law companies with legal consultants in Dubai and all over the country. We have covered a wide range of legal services in UAE and managed projects for both locals and foreigners besides solving the most complex cases.

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Our legal consultants in UAE :

Our legal consultants in Dubai and UAE have been practicing law for years and years and focusing on delivering high-quality legal and litigation services in UAE. we have been solving divorce cases and child custody,  write contracts for companies and individuals, settle down financial issues, and protecting people’s properties.

 Wherever you are, we always got your back. our offices are all over the country and legal consultants in UAE.  We would like to assure our clients, that we offer our services in most of the Emirates. We are here to guide you to the right way let our legal consultants in Uae help and represent you. Here is where you can find us:

Legal consultants in Abu Dhabi

  SAR lawyers firm is hiring qualified senior lawyers and consultants who are familiar with complicated situations and cases. we do not guide and consult only, we solve litigation cases and offer legal drafting services in UAE to serve both companies and individuals. We make sure you get the right legal advice and consultancy to take your case to the next level and come up with effective solutions, and that is t what our legal consultants in Abu Dhabi do.

Legal consultants in Sharjah

We have hired legal consultants in Sharjah who are responsible for advising clients and giving them suggestions to move forward in their cases. They are also responsible for clarifying the legal situation that they are is facing. Sharjah is the main city with a population that makes it exposed to major legal issues like employees law cases, insurance disputes, financial crimes, and more. you can seek our lawyers and consultants’ help in Sharjah.

legal consultants in Dubai

 Dubai is an international megacity that hosts foreigners of different nationalities. It is also considered to be the main hub of the world. Businessmen and billionaires are willing to invest their money in the city. Most of the cases we face in Dubai are real estates and business law which are handled professionally by our legal consultants in Dubai, and property lawyers in Dubai.