Personal Insolvency Lawyers

personal insolvency lawyers in uae

Personal insolvency lawyers in UAE will help individuals to overcome their financial crisis and encourage them to deal with creditors in a legal frame. The personal insolvency law was established in 2019 with a main provision of helping individuals settle their debts and financial obligations and reducing the number of people leaving the UAE without paying their debts.  The law is also to protect both creditors’ and debtors’ rights and maintain the balance financially. SAR lawyers are providing both bankruptcy lawyers who will help you through the crisis of your company and insolvency lawyers in UAE  who will solve individual breakdowns.

personal insolvency lawyers in uae

How insolvency lawyers in UAE will help?

insolvency lawyers in UAE will help whether you are a debtor or a creditor:

  • When we decide to represent the debtor in the case, we negotiate with the creditor to restructure the debt in a manner consistent with the financial capabilities of the debtor. Manipulating the facts in personal insolvency will not achieve a result other than making the case difficult for both parties.  Our personal insolvency lawyers in UAE try to be open and honest about the debtor’s financial abilities to achieve the best results of debt settlement.
  • When we represent the creditor, we take into account the short and long-term consequences and we try to negotiate the receipt of financial payments to the creditor.

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When to hire insolvency lawyers in Dubai?

Insolvency lawyers in Dubai and UAE should be offering you guidance through the entire process of insolvency

  • Creating a plan for managing depts.
  • Guiding debtors through the insolvency process.
  • Resolving debt disputes.
  • Dealing with the related government authorities.
  • Restructuring debts and going through the procedure step by step.
  • Finish all the legal drafting paperwork.
  • Represent debtors creditors in litigation disputes.
  • Negotiate and gathering facts to achieve satisfying results.
  • Recovering owed money by individual insolvents.