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Banking lawyer in Dubai, UAE

What is banking and why would you need a Banking lawyer in Dubai?

Banking covers financial transactions including credit, debit, liquidity for individuals or companies. The banking system is the main key for the UAE economy, and for securing its future. companies can take loans and start hiring immediately and investing while individuals can save up, protect and invest as well. These processes require a group of legal rules and laws to organized and ensure the integrity of banking transactions. A banking lawyer in Dubai will help if you facing banking disputes or want to make sure that your transaction is correct.

Banking lawyer in Dubai

Banking Lawyer in UAE

Banking Lawyer in UAE is responsible for educating and applying banking rules and regulations in the financial Domain. A banking lawyer in Dubai will help and guide you through your financial and commercial crisis and solve bank disputes and litigations if needed.

SAR lawyers have done complicated transactions successfully and advised international and local banks. They were involved in the financial market for years which gained them incomparable experience. Our Advanced team’s perk is that they study and search each case in depth to come up with the perfect and customizable solution for each client.

Lawyer for Banking Issues in Dubai

Islamic Banking or Finance is based on Sharia law. The term “sharia” is dragged from Islamic religion, but this does not mean that the law is religious, it is more based on the traditional methods that focus on profits. Both regular and Islamic banking are exposed to disputes and that is when you need a lawyer for Banking issues in Dubai. Here are some of the disputes you might face:

  • Credit card issues.
  • Transactions terms and conditions.
  • Installment payments.
  • Bounced cheques.
  • Default paying issues.
  • Debt collection.

A banking lawyer in Dubai and UAE will help you to solve your banking disputes without resorting to court litigation. In worst cases, some banking disputes must be settled in UAE court. Contact our legal consultants to advise you about your financial issue.

Islamic banking lawyer in Dubai services

SAR lawyers are fully experienced and have in-depth knowledge in UAE financial law and banking matters. We have been practicing litigation and dispute resolution for years offering different legal services. here are some of  the services that a regular and Islamic banking lawyer in Dubai will provide:

  • Islamic banking and finance advice.
  • Bank negotiation to get funding and structuring debts.
  • Representing individuals and companies before courts in finance disputes.
  • Advice company owners about the formation and finance law regulations.
  • Legal drafting services and finance contacts.