Employment Lawyers in UAE

Best employment lawyers in UAE

Labour Lawyers in UAE are responsible for securing an appropriate work environment for the employee and the employer under the provisions of the UAE Labor Law. Many issues may face employees like wrong termination, wages delays, arbitrary dismissal of employees, and work hours violations. Those victim workers are afraid to speak out and being exposed to illegal labor practices. Labour lawyers in UAE are also preserving the rights of the employer and make sure he is applying the labour law of UAE in his workplace. SAR lawyers possess experience, knowledge, and insight to solve a wide range of labor cases and represent our clients in litigation disputes. If you’re under harassment or being treated illegally in your workplace, feel free to ask for our legal advice.

Employment lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Employment lawyers in UAE

It is necessary to contact employment lawyers in Dubai, and UAE if you have been a victim of misbehaving or a certain abuse in your work environment. We do understand that you may be afraid of going through a complicated litigation process, or retaliation from your employer, but we guarantee you safety and trustability under the umbrella of the protective UAE law. Employment lawyers in UAE will offer you the next.

  • Collection of documents like contracts and timesheets to search for your case properly.
  • Investigation in the workplace to look up for evidence.
  • Negotiating outside court for getting your claims.
  • Representation in the court trial if needed.

When to hire Labour Lawyers in UAE

You must hire labour lawyers in UAE if you are facing any of these problems:

  • Any kind of harassment.
  • Any kind of discrimination.
  • Contract violation.
  • Wages delays and violations.
  • Denial of leave.
  • Not providing reasonable accommodation (if it is mentioned in the contract).

There are multiple forms of breaking labor law, but our employment lawyers in UAE will help reclaim your rights.

Labour lawyer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

SAR has offices all over the United Arab Emirates. We have labors lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah. Our team is composed of labour lawyer in Dubai and labour lawyers in Abu Dhabi with high efficiency in handling labor cases and in-depth knowledge of labor law. We are known for our professional legal consultants in UAE and our skills: