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Why would you need contractor lawyers in UAE? A contractor attorney in UAE will assist you with the regulations, activities, and issues of constructing and engineering work. Anything related to building, constructing, housing, site planning, and building contracts in the United Arab Emirates underlays the law of construction which ensures that all of the mentioned procedures are done with specific standards and follows the UAE law terms. SAR lawyers will assist you in negotiating contracts, having the permission of planning and construct, and managing the financial situation. In some cases, if something wrong occurred in the contract that led to disputes, construction lawyers will try to resolve the conflict and represent you in litigation and arbitration processes.

Contractor Lawyers in uae

Contractor attorney in UAE services

A contractor attorney in UAE will be involved in the project, visit the site to make sure everything is going according to the contract terms and conditions, bring the project to a successful conclusion. contractor lawyers in UAE will also help you at :

  • Advising the clients in legal matters related to the project which could be safety, insurance, materials, and resources.
  • Legal documenting of constructions contracts and discussing, explaining the terms and conditions of the contract to the two parties involved in the project, and making sure that both will fulfill the obligations.
  • Financial and payment management of the construction projects includes paying materials, paying for labor, and delivering the amount by the time mentioned in the contract. If a delay occurs or the payment has been not fully received, then your lawyer should act immediately.
  • Construction claims like design, the condition of the worksite, and others will be all negotiated by the lawyer and will be covered in the contract.
  • Construction disputes can be a contract breach or delayed payments that lead to conflicts. Such cases require lawyers to solve the disputes and represent the client in courts if needed.

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The skills of our building contract lawyers:

Construction lawyers in UAE can also be called building contract lawyers because they are mainly drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts of the project and making sure that the two parties will stick to the agreement. SAR lawyers as one of the best law firms in Dubai and the UAE has built a team of professional lawyers with specific skills to serve our clients in the best possible way and give them the ultimate solution and advice. Here are some of the skills we focus on developing in our lawyers:

  • The knowledge of the real estate market and construction industry in the UAE.
  • Commercial law background and detailed knowledge of real estate law.
  • Analysis skills as well as drafting legal documents and setting strategic project legal plans.
  • The ability to communicate with the project laborers, workers, and owners and create a bond.
  • Deep understanding of the manufacturing and engineering processes to depict any illegal error.