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Attestation services in Dubai,UAE

If you are searching for attestation services in Dubai and UAE, SAR lawyers company is providing affidavits and attestation certificates. Somehow in your life, you have signed an attestation or affidavit before. It could be a birth certificate, degree certificate, marriage certificate, diploma certificate, medical certificate. etc.

You need to be acknowledged of the “attestation “term. The process of attestation is to get your certificate attested (to prove it is authentic) by the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. Attestation is also called legislation and is usually required to prove the authenticity and genuine of the certificate or legal documents issued from the origin country. Once the MFOA verifies your certificate and sends it up to the UAE embassy in the source country, you are good to go. That is why you might need a verification lawyer to get verified easily.

Attestation services in Dubai

Who needs certificate attestation in Dubai and UAE?

Attestation is for foreigners who came to the UAE and need to verify their certificates, whether it was degree certificate, passport copy, doctoral degree certificate, or others. It is also for Emirati citizens who wish to travel abroad and verify their paperscertificates to be able to use them out the United Arab Emirates. Both must head to the ministry of foreign affairs for submission. To attest your certificate means to make it available for overseas use. Certificate attestation in Dubai and UAE is to get your paper authorized and submitted by the ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA).

Certificate Attestation in Dubai process

Certificate attestation in the Dubai process is depending on whether you are an Emirati citizen who wants to use the document outside UAE, or a foreigner who came to the UAE. Here are some document attestation Dubai and in UAE steps for both cases:

As an Emirati citizen:

  • who wants to attest his certificate or document to be valid internationally, you have to head to the ministry of foreign affairs in the UAE to check the details of your paper and give it trust ability. Now, you can use it abroad.

As a foreigner:

  • who wants to use his certificate in the UAE, he has to attest it first in his home country before coming to Emirates. Let us say that you are Egyptian or Indian. Then, you have to attest it from the foreign affairs ministry in Egypt or India.
  • Then, the certificate will be submitted to the UAE embassy in the origin country (EgyptIndia) to check if the verification is correct.
  • Finally, once the certificate is brought to UAE, it will be certificated by the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE to check if it was correctly notarized and submitted by the MFOA and UAE embassy in the origin country.

certificate attestation services in Dubai, UAE

Attestation services in Dubai

Here are some of the certificate attestation services in Dubai and UAE that we offer:

  • Marriage certificate attestation.
  • Divorce certificate attestation.
  • Passport copy attestation.
  • Diploma certificate attestation.
  • Degree attestation.
  • Doctoral degree attestation.
  • Power of Attorney attestation.
  • Educational certificate attestation.
  • Graduate certificate attestation.
  • Commercial attestation
  • Medical certificate attestation.
  • Commercial invoice attestation.
  • Export license attestation.
  • Civil partnerships attestations.
  • Bankruptcy documents attestations.
  • Social security attestation.
  • Mark list attestation.
  • Police clearance attestation.
  • Good standard certificate attestation.
  • Overseas travel permission for minors’ attestations.
  • Children to travel overseas consents letter attestation.
  • Pet travel scheme documents attestations.
  • Social security administration letters attestation.

if you have not found your request attestation above, do not worry. We cover all the attestation services in Dubai and UAE. Just contact us for legal advice and further information.