Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

Criminal lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Criminal lawyers in Dubai and UAE are following the rules of Islamic Sharia to apply to Criminal cases. However, they must be aware of international Criminal law as well to be able to deal with and solve crimes in the United Arab Emirates. Our Criminal Lawyers in UAE will represent you whether you are victimized or accused in public prosecutions, police stations, the court of appeal, the court of cassation, and the court of the first instance. You can rely on us for defending and claiming your rights from the first step of advising you to the last of taking action at courts. If you are facing a charge of a criminal case or want to accuse one, don’t hesitate to contact SAR lawyers and ask for legal advice.

Criminal lawyers in Dubai

Criminal Lawyers in UAE services

Our criminal lawyers in Dubai and UAE’s responsibility is to defend and represent defendants who are charged with breaking Dubai criminal law. They also offer the following services:

  • case investigations.
  • interviewing witnesses.
  • Researching the client case and building a defense strategy.
  • Negotiating with public prosecution for fewer charges.
  • Drafting and arguing dismiss and suppress emotions.
  • Representing defendants at courts.

Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai skills

When to ask for criminal lawyers in UAE? If you or have been submitted to the police station for integration or charged with a felony, you need to contact a criminal lawyer at once to help with a quick response. SAR company is hiring the best criminal lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the entire Emarites who are using advanced techniques and technology to deal with any immediate crisis. Criminal lawyers are also known as public defenders and most of the skills they must have is related to research and investigation. Our team is experienced enough to manage any criminal case, but we believe in self-development and continuous studying.  We are extending further our abilities and improve the skills we have:

  • research and investigation skills are the number one priority for criminal defenders to gain. It is the main process of building the client case and creating a powerful defense strategy.
  • analytics skills are also important to analyze complex cases and develop legal plans.
  • interpersonal skills are essential for building a strong relationship with clients. Statistics have shown that trust, respect, and cooperation between lawyers and their defendants is an important key for the case’s success.

Dubai Criminal law cases

Criminal lawyers in Dubai

Our team has been practicing  Dubai criminal law for years and so far has become the best criminal lawyers in Dubai. They have in-depth knowledge in law spectrum:

  • Sexual and violent crimes have serious consequences and punishments that can be escalated to the death penalty. Violent does not have a specific definition but it could be identified by rates. Punishments can be fairs, imprisonment, or deportation from the UAE.
  • Cyber crimes hacking, sharing online content, stealing identities, debit card fraud are all under the umbrella of cyber crime which is punishable by the Emarati law. Our criminal lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah are updated with cyber legislation to offer legal aid professionally.
  • Drug and Alcohol crimes.