Private Notary

Private Notary services in UAE

Private notary services in UAE are the first step of verifying legal documents. Notarizing comes even before the process of attestation, and it is confirming the signature authenticity of legal documents such as Power of Attorney or Memorandum of Association.  Before you get to attest your legal document in UAE, they need to be notarized at first.

Private Notary services in UAE

What are private notary services in UAE?

As we mentioned, private notary service in UAE ensuring that legal documents and contracts are genuine and not fake. The process of a private notary in Dubai, UAE is done by the attendance of a lawyer (third party) and the signees (main two parties). The private notary lawyer will make sure that:

  • the documents’ bands and terms are correct and fraud-free.
  • the two parties who have signed the documents are fully aware of its terms.
  • the signees don’t have any intention of using the documents for illegal actions.

SAR lawyers company is providing legal drafting services which include attestation services and notarizations. Here are the documents that need to be notarized:

  • Power of Attorney.
  • Cancelation of Power of Attorney.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Trust deed declarations.
  • Shares assigning declarations.
  • Cash receipt declarations.
  • Marina vehicle sale declarations.
  • Waiver complaint declarations.
  • Selling agreements.
  • Signing agreements.
  • Legal notice and notifications.
  • Job offers.
  • Minutes meetings.

We are trying to cover all documents that need to be notarized. You can contact us to get legal advice about private notary services in UAE in detail.

Notary public services in UAE

private notary services in uae

Notary public services in UAE are a bit different from the private ones, but they have the same work achievements of getting the documents verified and educate the signees. The only different relays on the third party. Private notary services in UAE depend on lawyers to do the works while the public notary links the government to the process. Notary public services in UAE are more complicated and quite long. So, to make private notary in Dubai and UAE easier, the Emirati government has given lawyers licenses to notarize privately. For a lawyer to perform a private notary, he must be granted his license from UAE court and have a law firm degree from Emirates.

Online notary services

Remote notarization or online notary services is offered through a digital platform which has a large database of citizens identity and more than 40 notary forums ready to be used online. This digital service is offered by the judicial department to facilitate notary services and save time and effort. All you have to do is visiting the platform, use your ID, choose the forum you need, and it will be approved by the system directly without reviewing. You get to choose POA items.

If you ever wondered how the electronic platform (e-kiosk) is collecting the data of parties and transactions, there is a connection between the platform and ID identifier and reader which can download your data automatically once you enter your ID.