Arbitrary Dismissal of Employees

Arbitrary Dismissal of Employees in UAE

What is arbitrary dismissal of employees? It is when the employer breaches the terms and conditions of a job contract or fire an employee for no reason. In this case, the claimed employee can sue the employer and accuse him of arbitrary dismissal with the help of unfair dismissal lawyers in the UAE. SAR lawyers have handled similar cases through the journey of defending clients and encouraged employees to speak out when they asked for our legal advice and claim their rights for a healthy work environment and fair treatment.

Arbitrary Dismissal Of Employees

unfair dismissal lawyers in UAE

if you are under any kind of pressure from your employer that resulted in you resigning or feeling that you are forced to work more than you should be, do not hesitate to contact our legal consultants. unfair dismissal lawyers in UAE will help you determine if you need to pursue arbitrary dismissal or employment contract breach and assist you in:

  • Representing your claim in litigation cases.
  • Advise you about your legal situation as an employee.
  • Explain employment contract terms.
  • Respond to the employer’s allegations.
  • Provide financial compensation for wrong dismissed employees.
  • Present evidence shows that your employer resulted in your resignation.

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Employee contract termination

Arbitrary Dismissal Of Employees

How would you know if it is Employee contract termination?

If you are facing some or all of the following, it is considered an :

  • Reduce or increase work hours unlike what was agreed on in the contract.
  • Provide an unsafe work environment.
  • Remove