Legal Drafting

SAR legal drafting services

What are the SAR legal drafting services?

It is a type of legal documents written in specific languages by lawyers. They use a certain written form with legal vocabularies to be able to create this kind of documents.

Legal drafting services

Legal drafting services in uae

SAR  lawyers is offering a wide range of legal drafting services in UAE. our experienced lawyers study the language of courts and laws to be able to write contracts, wills, documentation effectively and professionally.  People need a lot of legal papers in their daily life practices. Whether they are getting married, buying a property, creating a business, or dealing with companies. SAR legal drafting services are offered at high quality and suitable prices.

Popular Legal drafting services Dubai

SAR legal drafting services are not only for writing and reviewing legal papers but also for helping our clients to choose the right and fit contract according to their business and objective.  As a law firm based in UAE, we receive a lot of requests for legal drafting services Dubai in specific. Let’s  discuss some of the most popular:

will drafting in Dubai

This is one of the most requested legal drafting services Dubai when one of our clients asks to write a legal commandment to describe the way his wealth will be divided after his death or list some wishes he wants to happen.

the power of attorney

The power of attorney (POA) is when a client chooses someone to act on his behalf, and to do so, this must be drafted on a legal paper. This service is usually requested when our client has to travel out of the country and still wants to manage his business through a trusted Attorney. The chosen Attorney will be able to act legally in buying and selling properties and making financial decisions.

drafting of moa services

Memorandum of Association (MOA) is one of the important legal drafting services in UAE and is usually used for Limited Libilation Company (LLC) to define terms, conditions, and registrations between shareholders.

Article Of Association_ outsource legal drafting

Article of Association or also called outsource legal drafting is usually written for investors who want to list down their company regulations.

These are the most commonly requested SAR legal drafting services. if you want to know more about each drafting service in detail, you can check our SAR law blog where you will find articles that discuss our drafting and litigation services in UAE.

What else needs to be legally drafted? _ contracts drafting law firm

SAR legal drafting services

To be comprehensive and cover all the legal drafting serviced in UAE, we also draft contracts, agreements, and settlements. Here is a list of some of the contracts drafting law firm that we offer:

  • Laon contracts.
  • Real estate rights contracts.
  • Expiration of service contracts.
  • Contracts of employment.
  • Contracts of a tenancy.
  • Contract of mutual termination.

Here is a list of agreements drafting:

  • Agreement of sponsorships.
  • Agreements of Agency.
  • Agreement for trademark.
  • Agreement for sponsorship.
  • Agreements of concession.
  • Agreements of waiver.
  • Agreement of license.
  • Agreements of settlements.
  • Agreements of management.
  • Agreements of influencer management.
  • Agreements of administrative services.

If you are looking for more drafting types of contracts or agreements, please contact us for Legal advice in UAE and send your inquiry.