Litigation & Dispute Resolution

litigation and dispute resolution lawyers in UAE

Do you need litigation and dispute resolution lawyers in UAE? Litigation is the process of representing a client in a court of law whether they are a plaintiff or defendant. Litigation disputes can be costly and a waste of time if you have not hired the right dispute and litigation lawyers UAE. SAR lawyers are trying to understand the client’s concerns and needs while preparing for litigation to resolve the case successfully and avoid extra expenses. Our litigation practices covered simple and complicated cases from contract breaches to technical banking and property disputes.

litigation and dispute resolution lawyers in UAE

Dispute resolution services in UAE

Our dispute and litigation lawyers UAE have extreme experience in the court system and have been practicing Dispute Resolution services in UAE for years starting from litigation and Arbitration to and  Mediation and conciliation.  SAR lawyers offer the next:


Mediation takes place outside the court and it is before the trial negotiation and court litigation. This process aims to make the two parties reach for a solution instead of going through the tiring and expensive court procedures. The mediator is a third party who helps the other two parties reach an agreement and settle matters.


Arbitration process is simplified to the litigation one as the Arbitrary serves as a judge and the two parties are presenting evidence and clues. The two parties are represented by litigation and dispute resolution lawyers in UAE and the Arbitrary tries to reach an agreement like the mediator. The process takes place out of the court.


Litigation process is considered the last stage of resolving a dispute and takes a place in the court where the jury gets to decide according to the given evidence by dispute and litigation lawyers UAE. Unlike the mediation and arbitration processes, litigation is more expensive and takes a lot of time.

Dispute and litigation lawyers UAE resolve the following:

  • Banking conflicts.
  • Real state disputes.
  • Insurance disputes.
  • Rental disputes.
  • Employments issues.
  • Commercial and cooperation disputes.
  • Criminal and financial cases.
  • Personal affairs cases.
  • Intellectual property conflicts.

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