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Trademark in UAE

Trademark in UAE is powered by the ministry of economy. You can register for trademarks, copyrights, patents, or any kind of intellectual properties with the help of our lawyers. There are many forms of trademark. It could be written like names, signatures, words, titles, letters, or visual like pictures, logos, graphics, figures, and more. They must be used to identify the owner’s services or products. Trademark registration in UAE is a must-to-do process to protect your brand and intellectual efforts. SAR lawyers are offering all types of intellectual property (IP) services and hiring the best lawyers in the country. if you want legal advice before taking any step or hiring someone, please contact us.

trademark in uae

Required documents for trademark registration in UAE

Trademark in UAE is protecting the mind’s inventions and creations of the owner, developer, and source. The UAE and the middle east in general have a crowded market of new creations, that is why trademark registration in UAE is step number one for starting your business and protecting your intellectual rights.

The registration may take time and needs to go through the process, but Our lawyers will help you through this journey to make it easier and without errors. Our IP experts do not only help startup brands to own their trademarks, but also help known brands to prove their intellectual property if it was stolen or somehow taken. When contacting one of our legal consultants in UAE, they will inform you of the required attachments for registering, but here are some of the main documents needed:

  • Passport copy.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Trademark logo.
  • Commercial license.
  • Priority document.

What is the difference between a trademark and copyright registration in UAE?

Trademark in UAE, copyright and patent all are types of Intellectual property. Patents and copyrights must be protected the same as trademarks. The process of copyright registration in UAE is to protect an original creation of the following:

  • Books, literature, lectures, speeches, articles, and similar.
  • Computer software and similar.
  • Plays, musical dialogues, music, video, audio.
  • Arts, drawings, paintings, sculptures.

You have to be aware that the registration process in the country has an expiration date. Contact us for legal advice for more information.

trademark in uae

Is it possible for my brand registration in UAE to be rejected?

We are sorry to tell you that your trademark or brand registration in UAE can be rejected by the ministry of economy. this can be led by similarities and conflicts between your trademark and pre-registered brand.  The ministry has to verify the uniqueness of your brand and this may take a long time. We have a large database of local and international brands. So, we can easily check if there are any matchings between your brand and others. This search covers designs, names, phonetics, and more.

How can intellectual property lawyers help you?

If you finally have decided to expand your business in the UAE or worldwide, seriously consider hiring Intellectual property lawyers to determine which IP protection services your brand needs, and to manage your legal process of a trademark in UAE. You will face some challenges while registering your brand, and you might get lost between the various procedures and legal documents, that is why you need IP experts to show you:

  • If your trademark has similarities with others or not (to avoid confusion).
  • If your legal documents and papers are complete.
  • If you have the right to register as a citizen or foreigner.
  • If you have chosen the right Intellectual services that meet your demands.
  • If your trademark is unique and not copied fully or partly from others by chance or intentionally.