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Are you looking for the best lawyer in Sharjah? You are certainly not alone, as many people are looking for the best lawyer in Sharjah to pursue their legal affairs professionally. That is why they have to get an experienced and competent lawyer in Sharjah so that it will be easy to win their cases easily.

From our office SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants; We provide you with more than one lawyer in Sharjah, all of them at your disposal and ready to work on your cases of any kind. All lawyers offered by our office are known for their competence and experience. In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of our services provided to you by a lawyer in Sharjah affiliated with our office.

It should be noted that the role of a lawyer in Sharjah that we provide to you through our office is not limited to a specific type of case; The network of contract lawyers in our office covers all kinds of topics. Our office studies your issues sufficiently to reach the appropriate legal solution that we see in your best interest. Then we suggest you the best lawyer who will accompany you during the stage of resolving these issues.

Our office also contains a selection of legal advisors so that you can raise your query to be answered as soon as possible.

Below we review a range of services provided to you by a lawyer in Sharjah, which you can easily access through our office—noting that all of these services mentioned below are but are not limited to.

The role of a lawyer in Sharjah in challenging judicial rulings in Sharjah

best lawyer in Sharjah
best lawyer in Sharjah


A lawyer in Sharjah, which we provide to you through our office, SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants, plays a vital role concerning cases of appeal against judicial rulings in Sharjah in particular and in the UAE in general. This type of service applies to almost all types of cases. We also provide you with some of the best professional lawyers who work closely to win the cases you want to challenge.

In general, there are two main procedures for appealing judicial rulings in the UAE:

1- Appeal

The Law of Judicial Judgments in the Emirates gives litigants, in cases other than the exceptions stipulated in the law, the right to appeal the judgments of the courts of the first instance before the competent court of appeal.

The Law of Judicial Judgments in the Emirates sets the appeal date thirty days unless the law stipulates otherwise, and the time limit is ten days in urgent matters.

If the judgment was issued based on fraud committed by the litigants or based on a forged paper, or the basis of a forged testimony, or because a conclusive document was not shown in the case, which was held by the opponent, the date for appealing the judgment shall start only from the day on which the fraud appeared or on which the forgery was acknowledged.

The perpetrator or a ruling was issued to prove it, or the false witness was sentenced, or from the day the withheld document appeared.

You can find out more details regarding appealing judicial rulings in the UAE here.

2- veto

Cassation is the second case of appealing judicial rulings in the UAE. The law set a date for appeal in cassation sixty days.

A lawyer in Sharjah who specializes in personal status cases

SAR Law Firm and Legal Consultation work through more than one lawyer in Sharjah to solve all cases related to the family and children. A different group of patients falls under personal status cases, which need a lawyer in Sharjah specialized in individual status cases. Among these issues, we find:

  • Marriage issues
  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Inheritance
  • Custody of children between spouses and guardianship of minors
  • Property issues between spouses
  • Christian marriage contracts

Below, we will try to shed light on some of the services we provide in our office, SAR Advocates and Legal Consultations, through more than one lawyer in Sharjah related to personal status cases.

First: Marriage procedures in Sharjah

Many people wonder about the details of the marriage law in Sharjah and the UAE in general. Whether they are Emiratis or residing in the UAE; To complete the marriage procedures in the Emirates.

That is why a lawyer in Sharjah, which you can reach through our office, SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants in the UAE, will explain to you all the details related to the marriage law in the UAE, starting with the engagement, the dowry, passing through determining the conditions of the correct marriage, and the pillars of the marriage contract that you must abide by, all the way to To write the form of your marriage contract.

Also, a lawyer in Sharjah that we provide for you will do all the procedures for documenting your marriage contract. It will also explain to you the details of alimony in the marriage law in the UAE and inform you of the rights and duties of both spouses to ensure that you start based on the correct knowledge.

Second: A lawyer in Sharjah and divorce cases

Divorce cases need a lawyer in Sharjah or the UAE in general; Divorce law in the UAE is complex and has many details. What are the divorce procedures that must be followed? What are the types of divorce? And what is the difference between them? These questions may concern many residents of the Emirates or those who are subject to the divorce law in the Emirates.

That is why a lawyer in Sharjah, which you can find easily through our office, SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants, will help you in the most critical procedures that you need to know and know the answers to all the questions that concern you.

Our team of legal advisors will also explain to you the reasons for the annulment of the marriage contract or separation between spouses, types of divorce, and what is the most appropriate method for you to follow. Below we will give you a general idea of ​​the types of divorce that a lawyer in Sharjah specializes in.

In general, the Personal Status Law in the UAE defines the types of divorce in two basic types: revocable divorce and irrevocable divorce. The difference between them is:

  • Revocable divorce does not terminate the marriage contract until the expiry of the waiting period. The UAE Divorce Law stipulates that every divorce is revocable, except for the three complementary divorces, the divorce before consummation, and what is specified in the text.
  • An irrevocable divorce terminates the marriage contract at the time of its occurrence, and it is of two types:
  • An irrevocable divorce is a minor Baynunah, after which a divorced woman is not permitted to her divorced one except by a new contract and dowry.
  • An irrevocable divorce is a significant compensation. A divorced woman is not permitted to her divorced woman except after the expiry of her waiting period from another husband who entered into a valid marriage with her.

Third: A lawyer in Sharjah and khula cases

Khula is one of the most prominent cases in which a lawyer specializes in Sharjah, which needs a lawyer with long experience and knowledge of the various khula laws, which is precisely what we provide to you through a group of the most skilled lawyers specializing in personal status cases in general and khula cases in general.

The divorce law in the UAE defines khul’ as a contract between spouses in which they agree to terminate the marriage contract with consideration or allowance made by the wife or others. It is valid in the name of the khula assistance as it may be called in the dowry, but it is not right to agree to drop the alimony or custody of the children.

If the replacement is not valid in khul’; The divorce took place, and the husband deserved the dowry. While the validity of the allowance in khul’ requires the capacity of the one who gives it and the husband’s ability to effect divorce. In other words, the khul’ is the dissolution of the marriage contract.

Fourth: Separation cases by judge’s ruling

If you desire to annul the marriage contract, but this annulment requires the intervention of the judge; A personal status best lawyer will take all necessary measures in this case. Below we will present to you the most famous cases of separation between spouses by a judge:

  • Separation of ills: The UAE divorce law allows separating spouses if some ills prevent the stability of this marriage.
  • Separation for not performing the current dowry
  • Separation of harm and discord
  • Separation for not spending
  • Distinguishing for absence and loss
  • Separation for imprisonment

In all of these cases; A lawyer in Sharjah will do all the necessary procedures. You can find this lawyer easily through the office of SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Best Lawyer in Sharjah and inheritance cases in the UAE

Among the cases requiring the intervention of a lawyer in Sharjah, we find the cases of limitation of inheritance, which are cases that you can familiarize yourself with all the details through a group of legal advisors that you can reach through our office SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants. Below we will give you a brief overview of inheritance issues in the UAE.

According to the law of limitation of inheritance in the Emirates, the restriction of inheritance is the inevitable transfer of money and financial rights, upon the death of its owner, to those who deserve it. The inventory of inheritance in the Emirates consists of three pillars:

  • The gene.
  • heir.
  • inheritance.

The reasons for the limitation of inheritance are limited to marriage and kinship. To be eligible to determine the inheritance, the death of the testator is required, in fact, or judgment, and the life of his heir at the time of his death, in fact, or estimation, and knowledge of the authority to limit the inheritance.

The law of limitation of inheritance in the Emirates stipulates some impediments to limiting inheritance, such as: intentionally killing the testator, whether the killer was an original perpetrator, partner, or culprit.

It is also not inherited with the difference of religion. If two or more people die, and there is an inheritance between them, and it is not known which of them died first, then one of them is not entitled to the inheritance of the other. And limiting the inheritance by imposition, then by disassociation, or both, then by kinship.

The law of inventory of inheritance in the Emirates defines some of the obligations that are required when distributing the list of inheritance, in addition to clarifying its owners according to the following:

  • The imposition is an estimated share of the heir in the estate.
  • The assignments are one-half, one-fourth, one-eighth, two-thirds, one-third, one-sixth, and one-third of the remainder. We will discuss it in more detail below.
  • The owners of the homework are the parents, the spouses, the paternal grandfather and that of ola, the grandmother who makes an heir, the daughters, the daughters of the son and if he descends, the sisters at all, the brother for the mother.

Of course, a lawyer in Sharjah, which we provide to you through our office of SAR Advocates and Legal Consultants, will clarify these various elements for you, so you do not have to worry about any of these ratios or assumptions.

Legal Capacity and Jurisdiction Issues in the UAE

Eligibility and guardianship issues are among the problems that require the expertise of a lawyer in Sharjah.

Legal capacity, guardianship, and guardianship are among the most critical terms that many people seek to know and determine the difference between them. It is the law of interest to many Emiratis or residents of the UAE, as it contains precise details related to the conditions and cases of guardianship and legal capacity.

The following is a brief overview of the most critical legal capacity and jurisdiction issues in the UAE.

What are the reasons for legal disqualification?

The legal capacity law in the Emirates also defines some of the conditions for this legal capacity. At the same time, it explains some symptoms of eligibility, which we can summarize as follows:

  • Insanity: According to the eligibility law in the Emirates, the insane person is permanently or intermittently out of mind and suffers from dementia.
  • Foolishness: The fool is the one who spends his money on something useless.
  • Death Sickness: It is a disease in which a person cannot continue his everyday work and in which death prevails, and he dies in that condition before the passage of a year. If his illness lasts for a year or more and he is in one condition without increasing, his behavior is like the behavior of the correct person.

The Law of Legal Capacity in the Emirates also defines some of the effects of the behavior of the insane, the  fool, and the patient with a terminal illness, as follows:

  • The financial actions of the insane when he wakes up are correct and void after being quarantined.
  • Provisions relating to the behavior of a discerning youngster shall be applied to the conduct of a fool issued after being placed under arrest.
  • The actions of fools before being interdicted are valid unless they result from exploitation or collusion.
  • Whereas, in the provisions of the patient’s actions, the disease of death and the like are referred to the requirements of Islamic jurisprudence as stipulated in Article 2 of this law.

The eligibility law in the Emirates gives the forbidden the right to file a lawsuit himself to lift the interdict.

What is the state in the Emirates?

The Law of Legal Capacity and Guardianship in the Emirates defines guardianship as two types: guardianship over oneself and guardianship over money.


The state law in the Emirates defines it as taking care of everything related to a minor, supervising him, preserving him, raising him, educating him, directing his life, and reasonably preparing him. This includes the approval of his marriage. He is subject to guardianship over the young person until the age of puberty is reached, just as the insane or demented adult is subject to it.

Guardianship over money

It is meant to take care of everything related to the minor’s money, preservation, management, and investment.

The state law in the Emirates stipulates that guardianship, guardianship, and judicial agency are included in the jurisdiction.

Best Lawyer in Sharjah. Various services

SAR Law Firm and Consultation Services provide you with 24-hour customer service, during which you can communicate with more than one lawyer in Sharjah. They all have more than 20 years of experience in the courts, as they pleaded in many different and varied cases and achieved many successes for clients.

Also, the office of SAR Advocates and Legal Consultations is open throughout the week. It is ready to receive you throughout the day. A specialized legal advisor is waiting for you, providing you with all consultations in personal status cases and all types of cases.

You can also find a lawyer in Sharjah through our office to provide you with the required legal support and advice. And if you are looking for a lawyer for any cases and jurisdictions in the Emirates of Sharjah, you can easily reach him through our office.