Real Estate Disputes

Real estate dispute lawyer in UAE

estate as well as the boundaries conflicts. Most real estate disputes are related to boundary properties and contract breaches. Dubai is a megacity with a flourishing real estate market which makes it exposed to similar disputes, but the laws set by the UAE government got everything under control and clarified the obligations and rights of the investors, developers, owners, and landlords. SAR lawyers are assertive and have expertise in the market of real estate. They know how to handle each case according to the available evidence and facts, and have been practicing guaranteed.


real estate dispute lawyer in uae

Real estate litigation law firm in UAE

real estate litigation law firm in UAE will put an end to your disputes. There are various issues related to property and real estate situations, but here are some of the common that our clients face:

  • Conflicts on boundaries properties.
  • Property contract breach.
  • Disputes of co-owners.
  • Real estate Disputes of specific performance.

Boundaries disputes

Boundaries disputes are very complex and require a real estate lawyer in UAE to prover the properties of the boundaries and seek an agreement between the two parties. Here are some of the boundaries disputes we solved successfully as a real estate litigation law firm in UAE:

  • Remove or replace boundaries conflicts.
  • The legal documents and contracts are not specific and have no clear terms of boundaries.
  • Changing the boundaries lines by previous owners.
real estate dispute lawyer in uae

Real estate litigation lawyer in UAE

you may wonder what a real estate litigation lawyer in UAE will do if you hired him and how possibly he can help. Well, lawyers are aware of the arbitration, mediation, and litigation processes and work out their best to settle the dispute without resorting to the court litigation process.

  • Handle the legal drafting services and manage all the paperwork.
  • Negotiation during processes like selling, buying, proving property, and setting contract terms.
  • Advise and analyze the case and explain to you the contract terms and the facilities.
  • Engage in litigation processes and represent you at courts.
  • Manage the procedure of the foreclosure.
  • Sell, buy, or rent a property and the following regulations.
real estate dispute lawyer in uae

Real estate litigation attorney in UAE services

real estate litigation attorney in UAE do not only solve disputes, but you can ask his assistance if you need:

  • Legal advice in insolvency situations. Many tenants may face insolvency and cannot pay cash. In this case, you need to hire a real estate dispute lawyer in UAE.
  • Resolution strategies to solve tenancy disputes.
  • Settle an agreement in joint property cases, if one of the owners wants to sell or invest.
  • Legal advice and resolution of freehold and new lease disputes.