The Best Labor Lawyer in the UAE

The great development in the field of public affairs the prosperity of the global economy and the movement of trade formed a multi-dealing business environment, The Best Labor Lawyer in the UAE which formed the diversity of the legal tasks associated with this aspect, especially since this economic momentum Dubai in the United Arab Emirates gained a large share of until it became an economic city that guarantees Many nationalities, businessmen, and investors, which has become a necessity for the availability of high professionalism with regard to aspects related to labor and workers law, in which all transactions that require a clear legal vision and at the same time the multiplicity of labor issues in it, which constitutes the approach and path of Saar Law Firm and Consultations Legal, which falls within its competence to provide legal advice and services related to this aspect:

The Best Labor Lawyer in the UAE

The Best Labor Lawyer in the UAE

Lawyers for unfair dismissals in Dubai and the UAE work at Saar Advocates and Legal Consultations, to represent employees and workers in cases of unfair dismissal and unlawful termination by employers, as our lawyers take their cases before the UAE courts as well as the courts of Dubai International Financial Center, to claim compensation They are entitled to the right and pay the damages on their behalf, in accordance with the legal texts and provisions that guarantee them that right. Among those claims are the following:

  • Claiming unpaid wages
  • Claim rewards and pay instead of notification
  • Payment of untaken leave allowance
  • Additional compensation for unfair dismissal
  • repatriation expenses.
  • Claims of discrimination and harassment at work.
  • Enforcement and Appeal of Employment Contracts

Legal Advice in the Field of Employment:
The Best Labor Lawyer in the UAE

We work in the Sar office to provide all legal advice to all companies and human resource managers on issues related to employment and work procedures, in accordance with the legal nature of the United Arab Emirates as well as the Dubai International Financial Center courts, and at the same time we are working to achieve the development of policies related to the company and its formulation in accordance with the aspects The relevant law, in addition to the policies related to the code of conduct and the rules of professional work, including the policies of safety, security, environment and work ethics.

Drafting work contracts: The-Best-Labor-Lawyer-in-the-UAE

We draft labor contracts with all their clauses, in line with the UAE labor law and in a manner that meets the nature of the activities of companies and the entity requesting work, and what rights and duties are associated with labor contracts and the mechanism for their implementation, in addition to that, we are working on drafting internal regulations and regulations in accordance with all UAE labor laws